What Doctors Say about MapMyGene’s Services

“I’ve seen this in many parents, they invest in expensive equipment, but the child eventually lost interest. If you were able to know what your child would excel at, and guide your child right, it will change the course of his life. Because your child is precious, I don’t see why you should not invest in your child.” – Dr. Velu

Inborn Talent Genetic Test

The Test Has Helped Me Understand My Daughter Better

The test results very accurately affirmed some of the traits my daughter has already been displaying like the various artistic ones, but it also highlighted others that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m sure as she gets older, she will display more of the strong traits that the test has mapped out. What really helps is that, now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future.  The test report also has detailed advice for me to nurture her talents without pushing her too much and allowing her to grow in her time. All in all, this has helped me understand my daughter better in a very scientific way and for that I’m very grateful.

Jamie Yeo, Gold 90.5FM Radio hostess

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This Test is Priceless

I took an Inborn Talent Gene Test from Map My Gene recently because I found the test very fascinating as an insight to how people behave and excel differently.  I was also curious about what my own DNA had to say about me in regards to my talents and abilities.  When I saw the result, I was amazed at the high accuracy shown especially in Sports Category.  I have got many sports genes that had made me an athlete and a minister in sports business now. This is a priceless test that I figure all parents would want to have for their child.  If I had the test done years ago when I was much younger, I would have developed and reached my full potential that I believe could catapult me to greater heights of success.

Taufik Hidayat, Olympic Gold Medalist (Men’s Singles), IBF World Championships Gold Medalist, 2 Times Sea Games Gold Medalist
Jakarta, Indonesia

Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test is Extremely Accurate

The Gene Test result shows that my child’s IQ is excellent, but he is very weak in sports which I totally agree.  My son is always No.1 in class in terms of studies but he can’t perform well in sports despite his fondness for sports.  Experts suggest in his DNA report that he will perform well in academics due to his high scores in his comprehension, analytical, memory and IQ genes.  I find the test very useful in my child’s future choice of education.

Although my child loves sports, I would rather develop my child from his strength and talents than from his weakness because I don’t want to spend unnecessary money and his time to develop him from areas that he is weak in.  It requires more effort and resources to achieve that.  After all, what I want for my son is the success and winning, not failure.  He still can enjoy sports as a form of exercise or hobby but they are definitely not his educational and career choices. Thanks to this wonderful Inborn Talent & Traits Gene Test which provides a clear direction for my son and myself so that I don’t have to go through the phase of confusion when comes to educating and nurturing my son because the future of my child is very important!

Mdm Ho, Housewife

Photo taken in 2009 at Map My Gene.

Photo taken in 2018. Mdm Ho’s son is currently a Computer Science student at National University of Singapore (NUS).

A must-do test for children

The ITGT accentuated areas of my talents with utmost precision. It guided me towards careers that I was most suited for, based not only on my strengths, but also my personality traits. This test is highly recommended for children and teenagers who may not know which field to embark on a career or education in. I did this test when I was a teenager, and was pleased to have known about some natural talents that had been wired in me genetically. Ever since, I have been working on developing these talents even as a young adult. I am glad to say that the test has shaped and refined my career choices. I wished I had done the test earlier, but unfortunately this technology was not available back then. This is a Must-Do for children if parents are keen to find out and develop their child’s natural talents to the fullest potential!

Royden Shin Tan, Frontend Engineer
United States

Genetic Test – Crystal-balling a Person’s Ability

I was introduced to Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test by a good friend. The results accurately indicate that I have high technique genes together with endurance and sprint (explosive power) genes.  Besides, I also attribute my winnings of Taekwondo sport which requires a lot of brain to my high IQ ability.  In my career profile provided in my test report, I was recommended to be a Psychiatrist besides being an Athlete due to my strong S (social ability trait).  I am now a retired athlete and a full time Hypnotherapist.  Interestingly, hypnotherapy is similar to and has the same objective as psychotherapy whereby they both help and work on healing patients’ disorder and illnesses.  I found this test very accurate and intriguing to the point that it is like a crystal ball that can predict a person’s abilities and future!

Herru Sinta Berliana, 3 times Sea Games Gold Medalist in Taekwondo
Jarkata, Indonesia

I’m a born Sprinter

My name is Suryo Agung Wibowo. As featured on Wikipedia, I was a sprinter dubbed as “the fastest man in Southeast Asia” who still holds the best record time of 10.17 seconds achieved at the Southeast Asian Games. I recently did an Inborn Talents & Traits Gene Test at Map My Gene, the test result shows that I have 2 stars in sprint and technique genes including sports psychology (sportsmanship) which have accurately defined my characteristics and abilities. It is absolutely true that besides having the sprinting power, one needs technique as well to sprint properly to maximize speed. Other finding such as Tendency of Sports Injury indicates that I have the gene and hence I am at risk of that. It’s so true that I was injured and suffered many times during my career as an athlete. Had I known it early, I would have prevented it better by taking it seriously and supplementing with Vitamin C, D, E and Omega 3 oil that can help prevent sports injury.

Suryo Agung Wibowo, Double Gold Medalist & Record Breaker
Jarkata, Indonesia

I found MY direction

In 2008, I graduated from Institute Technical of Education (ITE) with a certificate in Service Management and started my first job in Starhub’s customer service department.  Throughout the entire year, I disliked my job because it didn’t fulfill my desire and passion.  I knew I had to leave my workplace and find something different to do, but had little confidence in where to ever begin with.  I had considered pursuing a Diploma in Real Estate but was afraid to spend a huge sum of money on school fees only to find out that it was not the course I was looking for.  Since then, I had been so indecisive about what career path to take, and was putting a lot of pressure on myself to pick the “right” career.  Hence, I was always on the lookout for possible alternatives.  In 2010, my friend recommended me the Inborn Talent Genetic Test which I did not hesitate about giving a try.  When the results were out, I was surprised to find out that my top career recommendation was listed “Musician” because of my outstanding music and performing genes.  It also dawned on me that I was a Band section leader back in Secondary school and I really enjoyed playing music.  This report had definitely enlightened me to a whole new level and helped me identify my new career path that best fit me based on my abilities that I truly felt passionate about.  Without much delay, I started to attain teaching certificates and am currently pursuing a Diploma in music at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

When we consider the high cost of a college education and a long term financial impact that our choices will have, this testing fee is a small investment that will return big rewards.  Most importantly, it gives us a clear sense of direction, purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction by living up to our glorious destiny and being born to do something we are endowed with.  Now I am proud to say that I am a Band Director in a College Symphonic Band in Singapore and I love my job.  Thank you Map My Gene for helping me see the light and find my direction!

Luo Tianze, Band Director and Performer

Photo taken in 2006.

Photo taken in 2017.

This is the Future of Talent Development & Discovery

I have always understood that I had great intellectual abilities but it was not possible without developments.  In the same way, I had never realized my musical aptitude and ability until i was exposed to a musical environment in Singapore (my parents had put me on a piano bench when I was 3 or 4 years old but I always ran off and couldn’t sit still).  My dad let me do this test when I was already 16 years old.  Had he known earlier, or had the technology been availed to him when i was 3, he would’ve insisted that I learn the piano and perhaps I would have had an even greater set of skills that I could never imagine, and what a tremendous advantage would it be!

After doing the ITGT, he was so certain that I would succeed as an artist or a designer, or anything to do with performing arts because of my genes.  Despite me being a genius, it didn’t mean that I was cut out for a career that was always Intellectual and Logical-Analytical.  My R.I.A.S.E.C test results tells me that I’m an AES/I person which meant that my Artistic side is more dominant than that of my Intellectual side, which barely makes the cut behind my Social side.  Now, I understand myself so much better and through the Inborn Talent Genetic-Test I realize that each one of us is unique and has tremendous talents that can be put to great use.  Looking back, I realize that my genes explains my behaviors, abilities, and mannerisms in an incredibly accurate way.

This is the future of talent-development and discovery.  It is a hack to your own life.  Do this test now and you will never look at your life (or your children’s lives) the same way ever again!

Wong Jin Sheng, Executive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of My Art Pieces

A Clearer Direction for Me as a Parent

I recently had my kids undergo the Inborn Talent Gene Test at Map My Gene. I was very interested in the test because of my background as an artist and my husband an architect. As a parent, I would very much want to find out my kids’ field of interest and talents, but the problem is that kids oftentimes are confused in what they really like and good at, let alone parents like us who are trying to find it out through observation.

As parents we always think we understand our kids’ interests and talents well and direct them accordingly. Surprisingly, after having read our kids’ gene test reports, we were very happy, just like assembling a puzzle, we could not imagine the end result from the start, and anticipate a winning outcome. Moreover, the report is very detailed that includes the child’s character, memory ability, reading ability, drawing, music and dancing aptitudes. It even shows if your child has athletic talents. What I really like about the test is that the report comes with a Career Profiling assessed based on your child’s unique abilities detected from the gene test, it really gives full details about your child!

As a result, I now understand my children better and am able to focus in developing talents of Kahlia and Arsa, my beloved children!

Agatha Suci, Mother of 2 and finalist of Indonesian Idol 2004
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Choice Is In Your Hands

This is the missing puzzle that I have been working for the past 25 years. If you could just spend a fraction of the money on this test, life will never be the same again. Knowledge is power. Advanced knowledge changes destiny. The choice is in your hands. Give your loved one a head start and take action now!

Dr. Ernest Wong, Cognitive Psychologist

Writing Is In Her Gene

I had my 10 year-old daughter undergo a gene test offered by Map My Gene.  The result confirmed that she is a born writer with great creativity ability.  My daughter wrote her first book when she was only 7 and 2nd book at the age of 9, now her 3rd book is under way.  I am certainly proud of my daughter who is naturally talented in writing and arts that the gene test has reaffirmed.  I will surely nurture and develop her according to her innate ability.  By flowing with her genetic tendency, my daughter will be happy and do great things in life, as she gets to do what she is born to do!

Benson Kho, Director
Jarkata, Indonesia

My Test Result Is Very Accurate

My wife and I were astounded by the result accuracy of my Inborn Talent Gene Test done at Map My Gene. The first 3 Career Recommendations for me are Research Director (I got my PhD in research field and am currently leading a team of researchers), Lawyer (I owned a law firm and oversaw lawyers many years ago) and Accountant (I agreed that I have strong accounting ability that even surpasses my own experienced chartered accountants). I strongly encourage those who are at the cross road and need direction for their career or education to take this test so that they will be guided according to their innate ability that they sometime don’t even know about.

Dr. Chanboonyasitt, Researcher
Bangkok, Thailand

Do Inborn Talent Genetic Test for a Scientific Direction

This test is definitely better than just trials and errors in life.  As I know that many parents nowadays make their children join music class, art class, enrichment programs here and there and so on.  They spent and spent and spent, at the end of the day, the kid may not like music or arts, and he may choose to be something else.  In the current day, those classes are not cheap.  So with all these monies spent, I would rather do a one time test to provide me with a scientific direction and then plan my finances well because I would know what to do for them.

Mr Lau, Engineer

Finding the Optimum Path for your Kids

As a former Olympian and now a professional pilot it is very important for me to plan and prepare for the future. If I had this Mapmygene as a youngster it would have given me the information, confidence, and drive to achieve even more. I have no hesitation in recommending Mapmygene to parents to find the optimum path for their kids.

Krisztian Bartfai

Inborn Talent Genetic Test Gives Your Child A Head Start

Many parents may not know their child’s hidden talents.  So unfortunately, some may not have a chance to live up to their potential and destiny.  This Inborn Talent Genetic Test helps to discover those hidden talents, and allows parents to have the opportunity to develop their children’s potential and to maximize it.  As for parents who think “I think my child is good at this or that”, well, they don’t have to guess anymore as this Inborn Talent Genetic Test will confirm their observation, and that is one good thing about it.

What if they get the test done earlier?  They can give the child a head start, no more guessing games, no more trials and errors, just focus on their talents that they have discovered, zoom in and develop it, and maximize it to the fullest potential!

Irene Hannah Tan, Educational Psychologist

A MUST For All Parents!

“I really feel that this test is a MUST for all parents! I find it really helpful and useful to determine things that are necessary to help my son to find his fulfillment in life. Highly recommend this product! Thank you Map My Gene!” – Ribka

Mapmygene genetic test

Very helpful for my daughter!

“My daughter is Secondary 1 this year and am unsure which curriculum/classes she would like to join. This will definitely give her a good guidance of what she is good at genetically.” – Selina

gene test map my gene

It’s accurate

“The test result of Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Genetic test is very accurate for my daughter. We found that she has very similar traits to me! This test is just what we need and it is very helpful for my daughter to later decide which course suits best for her in school. We now have no doubt with her talents and we are truly happy with her results. Thank you so much, very highly recommended! – Meity

Inborn Talent Genetic Test

Now I know what to do with my child

“The results are very true and accurate which displayed talents & traits that he has and confirmed our observations. Now, we know what to do for our child. Thank you Map My Gene! – Karen

mapmygene genetic test

Very useful gene test report

“The gene test report from Map My Gene is very useful to us as parents who are trying to groom our kid to her best. Now we know that our daughter is good at the field of Psychology and Health science. Thanks to Map My Gene!” – Paul

The gene test report

Great customer experience! Staffs were professional!

“It was a good session with the in-house consultant on the understanding of my daughter’s inborn talents. It is definitely a helpful guidance for my next educational planning” – Erna

This is truly a “roadmap” toward great success

“I know my kids better and have a “roadmap” on how to guide them to be a better person and unleash their true potential. This test also helps me to be closer to my kids as parents, as well as to help them succeed in their future. – Anna

Very accurate report! Thank you Map My Gene

“The results of the Gene Test report depict very accurately my daughter’s love for music, painting, and reading. The report helps us develop her potential for a great future. Much thanks!” – Silvy


I’m amazed at how accurate the prediction is

“The test result of my 17-year-old daughter is very interesting. We could already predict some parts of the results as it matches clearly with her strengths and personality. Now, we also manage to find new things to explore such as career choices, etc., that we didn’t know previously.” – Vonny


We want our son to grow up to be the best he could be!

“Map My Gene service enables us parents to know my son, Rui’s talents and weaknesses and enables him to become what he was born to be and fulfill his destiny. We want him to achieve great success in life and do what he is endowed with so that we parents won’t feel regretful of our wrong choices and decisions made on behalf of him without the knowledge of his innate abilities.”– Yen

Very beneficial for parents who want to develop their child

“We think that this test is very beneficial to parents who want their children to develop and be successful in the right field that they are endowed with, so that they can focus on the right development for their children.”  – Yeni

gene test

With this information, I can guide my daughter accordingly

“This 46 gene test is very complete, and most of the information provided to me is very important. Not only was I able to find out my Daughter’s inborn talents, but also her personality traits. With that, I now have the knowledge on how to guide her accordingly.” – Monyka

map my gene dna test

It makes me curious to find out what my own talents are!

“Wow, the results are very close to our observation of our 5 year old son. Thanks Map My Gene. Now I’m curious to find out my own inborn talents!” – Laura

gene test

Now we have a CLEAR direction for my son

“The ITGT report results are very satisfying! My teenage son took this test to find out his potential career path as he is confused at the moment. This will definitely give him a clearer direction. The results are also very accurate!” – Marisa

Glad we took the DNA test for my son

“Amazingly, we found out from the test report that our son has inherited a mixture of both me and my husband’s genes. We are both in the business field and he is tested to be strong in Enterprising too. Unbelievable!”  – Rahajeng


This is the best investment for my child

“Good explanation from our in-house consultant in understanding our son’s inborn talents. We found out that he was born to be a great Mathematician! I’m so excited!” – Albert

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map my gene dna test
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Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test

From Curative to Preventive Medicine

Conventional medicine focus on curative measures.  Curative medicine is geared towards curing or treating patients ONLY after they have become ill or injured.  This practice puts both the healthcare objective and patients at a huge disadvantage.  With a curative focus we are missing out on preventative care and services that have the potential to more efficiently provide a higher standard of living and better overall health care.  A much needed cultural paradigm shift towards a broad view of health will create a culture in which preventative health care is valued.  Genetic testing is an important preventive measure that I would recommend to all my patients as an essential part of their health regimes.  I want to thank Map My Gene for offering such a great service that can help many.

Dr. Anton, Medical Doctor
Jarkata, Indonesia


DNA Mapping – the new trend in health checks

My own gene mapping from Map My Gene reveals my susceptibility to inflammation of the intestines, gastrointestinal cancers, liver cirrhosis and Alzheimer disease. I know I have been suffering from diverticulitis (a common digestive disease found particularly in the colon) since my early 30’s and fatty liver in my late 30’s. Both my father and paternal grandfather died of intestinal cancers. Presently, I am doing all I can to avert following their footsteps because I know environmental factors can have an enormous potential to either preserve my health or cause diseases. This can only be done if I have important knowledge of my genetic makeup.

A spin-off from DNA/gene mapping is that parents who want to know which direction to nurture their children can seek direction from gene talent mapping. There are various categories cover different genetic endowment like attention, intelligence, emotions, music and sports for us to look at to further enrich our knowledge. This talent testing can be useful for educational streaming.

Dr. Wong, Obstetrician and Gynecologist


The Gene Tests I Ordered from Map My Gene Had A Very High Accuracy

I ordered my Disease Susceptibility Gene Test and Inborn Talent Gene test from Map My Gene some time ago. My wife and I were astounded by the accuracy of the Inborn Talent Test because she understood my character and talents so well. As for the Disease Susceptibility Gene Test, my result showed that I had 4 conditions related to heart problems among others predicted, and I had a heart attack at the age of 18 and was hospitalized. You tell me how accurate this test can be? It predicted what it’s likely to happen to me if I did not take precautions and intervene early.

Dr. Chanboonyasitt, Researcher
Bangkok, Thailand


I Would Have Had Beautiful Fingers If I Took The Genetic Test Earlier

When I discovered my genetic result, I couldn’t help but nodded my head in agreement.  I inherited the genes from both of my grandfather and grandmother who died of the diseases that I am also prone to develop.  Now, I have learnt to take steps and targeted approach to prevent from contracting the diseases that I am susceptible to.

Looking at my distorted and crooked fingers, I wish I had done the DNA test years before so that I would have known I had rheumatoid arthritis gene buried in me. Then I would have cut down eating too much of my favorite legumes and nuts that increased my level of uric acid that eventually accumulated in my joints and inflamed the surrounding tissues.  I also would have known that Omega-3 which was rich in DHA would help protect against joint inflammation which was recommended in my Personalized Health Management guide book.  I would have had beautiful fingers if I took the DNA test earlier and acquired the knowledge that would teach me what were the do’s and don’ts to help me safeguard against the disease.

Mdm Tay, Beauty Consultant

My Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test is Accurate

I recently did a Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test and it showed that I am susceptible to heart disease and a few other diseases.  My father died of heart disease 20 years ago.  I find that the Genetic Test result is very accurate as it indicates that I also have this gene of my Dad, but the only difference is that I will not have my dad’s destiny as I am empowered by the knowledge that I have now which enables me to adopt an early intervention to prevent it.

I now begin to pay more attentnion to my genetic weak points (heart, brain, etc) and have started to monitor my lifestyle.  I cut down working long hours in front of the computer till late at night as it will strain my heart and brain.  I have also started doing moderate exercise and improved my eating habit according to the personal guide book that comes along with my Genetic test result.  I think those who would like to live a long and healthy life should take this test which aims at protecting your health by taking right steps years before symptoms ever have a chance to develop.  DNA Genetic Test is a giant leap toward cancer and disease prevention.

Andy Tan, Financial Consultant

My Genetic Landmines

I was not surprised when my Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test Report indicates that I have a predisposition to ovarian cancer which manifested in the death of my grandmother who died of the disease years ago.  Although I was saddened a little by the result, I knew I needed to face the fact and act upon it.  I clearly understand that it is better to deal with the known than the unknown so that I can take chance out of the equation and put control back into my hands.

According to my Personalized Health Guide book, milk, talcum powder, hair dye, hormonal creams, royal jelly are my genetic landmines which can switch on the gene, making me susceptible to ovarian cancer.  I also learned that I need to eat more cruciferous vegetables such as brocolli which is rich in Indole-3 Carbinol that converts bad estrogen to good estrogen (as ovarian cancer is a hormone related disease), and regular medical checkup is necessary.  So, knowing that helps me avoid triggers by eating correctly, living right, and avoiding environments that are not suitable for me.  Having known my gene type also helps me make right career choices.  I was advised not to work as a hair stylist who often needs to keep in contact with hair dyes which is a trigger to the disease.  My eldest son who carries the gene that makes him prone to develop throat cancer was given pointers to avoid being a cook or smoker as fumes and smokes will trigger the gene.  He was also advised not to drink very hot beverage or soup in high temperature as that could damage his throat cells.

I strongly recommend that everyone should have his/her DNA profiling done. Knowing your genetic strong and weak points enables you to devise a targetted approach that allows you to stay fit and healthy.

Mdm Soo, Marketing Manager
United States

Map My Gene Offers Valuable Genetic Testing Services

I did my Disease Susceptibility Gene test at Map My Gene, and I strongly believe that the gene testing Map My Gene offers will be a valuable tool in shaping the healthcare and educational system of Indonesia.

Dr. Djoko Riadi, Neuron Surgeon
Jarkata, Indonesia


Knowledge is Power! It Can Save Lives

I do not understand why people are wiling to spend many thousands of dollars in cars, houses, and all the material things of the world but fail to invest a little money in their own health which is often regarded as the greatest wealth of all. Many will only begin to value health when they start to lose it.

Speaking about the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test which I took recently, I realized that the test can actually help save our lives as we can predict a susceptible disease early and start preventing it now.  The disease may never have a chance to develop.  Therefore, be smart!  Ignorance causes death.  Whereas, knowledge is power!  It can save our lives.  I am glad I have the power now to live a long and healthy life! The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test is the answer to all who seek after health, wholeness and longevity.

Yen, Health Therapist

Genetic Test Saves Me Time, Energy and Money

Thank you Map My Gene Indonesia, you have really saved my time, energy, and money by providing me with the most valuable and accurate information about my health. Now I am prepared to follow the dietary plan that suits me to help me live better and healthier. My genetic report shows that I am susceptible to Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Skin Cancer and Sjogren’s Syndrome which I never knew before. After having known this, I went for a health check through the method of blood-sampling and consult a doctor specialist. It turned out that my DNA test results were correct, my markers of 2 diseases predicted in my DNA results were slightly higher than normal. I’m so glad that I took this test. I can now live in peace as my genetic report has empowered me with a personalized health management that teaches me ways to prevent sicknesses from now on.

Kezia Pariury, Property Consultant
Jarkata, Indonesia