We are always open to business opportunities and constantly looking to expand. To date, we have established partnership in countries across the globe. We love to have you on board!

Our Brand, Your Country

We adopt the strategy of Licensing Partnership to grow our brand. We know what it takes to adapt our system to different cultures and business climates. We will work with you to grow market presence and revenue because growing your Business is our Business.

Income Opportunities

Becoming a License Partner means you will be able to take advantage of a profitable revenue not only in your region but also regions nearby.  We make sure you are poised to get the greatest return on your investment.

MMG Group Brand Awareness

If you like the idea of growing a profitable business in your country, MMG Group may be right for you. We focus on business-to-business opportunities and provide unique ways to make an impact on your local community. We offer a turnkey business with a proven system for growth. You will benefit from our image, brand awareness and ongong expertise.

Training and Support

We have a team of support personnels to help you start and grow your organization. They will guide you through the proven process of becoming a successful License Partner. You’ll benefit from decades of experience in sales, marketing, product technical knowledge and more. Your success is at the core of what we do.

No prior industry experience is required. We will train you to succeed as a business owner in your country.

With MMG group, you will get necessary sales techniques, product knowledge and the complete business operational system needed to grow the business in your country profitably.

There is no competitor in the market. Take advantage of the uniqueness of this business and capture the big market.

The world is getting smaller and it’s more likely that your customers have already been exposed to our brand. Take advantage of our brand to grow a successful business for yourself.

Our comprehensive education includes everything you need to know to run the business effectively.

As a License Partner, you will have the right to sell our services in your region. You will also be given opportunities to expand into other nearby areas.