“Interview with Map My Gene”- Gold 90.5FM Jamie Yeo

Jamie Yeo: What is ITGT, how can this benefit us in general?

Team Map My Gene: ITGT stands for Inborn Talent Genetic Test. This test helps parents discover their children’s natural abilities through their children’s DNA so that parents can foster the proper nurture in them to unleash and maximize their children’s potential. This test will help parents budget their time and family finances effectively and make the most of the resources available to them. Identifying a child’s natural talents and further develop them can help the child be successful in life, that’s the whole point of the ITGT test. Another good thing about this test is that parents will also know their child’s natural temperaments clearly through the genetic information. That will enable parents to tailor the right child discipline and develop character strength in the child. Parenting can become much more effective when you have the knowledge and know-how in dealing with your child.

Jamie Yeo: What are the techniques behind ITGT, and how accurate it is?

Team Map My Gene: Our Inborn Talent Genetic Test utilizes the technology of SNP Genotyping through DNA chips or microarrays, which are very powerful tools for detecting genetic variations. What is SNP Genotyping then? It is typically the most effective method to predict a person’s genetic diseases or natural talents. This technique is performed when scientists know exactly where a gene is located on a chromosome and what changes in a gene causes a disease or an aptitude. So basically, in a specific gene or region of DNA, the sequence of nucleotide “letters” of A, T, C and G is “read” to determine if any letters are missing, added, or exchanged. This genetic blueprint will provide insightful interpretation of a person’s life. In the past 20 years, this amazing new technique has allowed scientists to learn a great deal about how genes work and how they are linked to diseases and personality traits. Regarding the test accuracy, to state the fact, it is very accurate. Paternity and forensic testing have already affirmed the high accuracy of genetic testing. Unlike normal blood tests which are done at a cellular level that only has the accuracy of 80%, gene testing goes deeper and is performed at a molecular level, the accuracy is over 90%

Jamie Yeo: Nature vs nurture. What is its impact on a child’s development based on the test results?

Team Map My Gene: Certainly heredity has a lot to do with where a child will naturally excel, but many a times, genes alone will not turn your child into a prodigy. How many potentially great writers, musicians or other creative geniuses never explored their talents because they were not given an opportunity to pursue their aptitudes by receiving the right kind of nurture to switch on the genes. Yes, children may inherit a certain range of temperaments and abilities through genes, but the environment they grow up in and the nurture they receive will determine where on that range of potential the child will develop particular strength for life. And Parents need to know that there are some time windows for some talent developments. For example, experts suggest that the musical brain has a learning window of ages 3 to 10—this is the best age to learn an instrument and fundamental concepts associated with music. If you are able to know it early that your child is endowed with musical aptitude, then giving him a head start in developing his music skills is the best way to unlock that potential and turn an aptitude into a genuine ability and mastery. This gene test provides parents a short cut in their effort to raise the next generation of outstanding individuals without having the need to put their child in too many extracurricular activities of trials and errors that stress the kid out at the end of the day.