What is the DSGT?

The DSGT (Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test) is a test on the genes of a person in order to find out whether he/she carries any defective genes which puts the person at risk of developing particular diseases. 100 diseases are covered in this predictive test, and the results will state which diseases one is at risk [...]

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What does it do for me?

It allows clients to find out which diseases they are genetically inclined to develop, before the actual onset of the disease.  This will allow for early prevention by allowing the client to make the necessary alterations to lifestyle, thereby controlling the other factors which usually account for the condition. In summary, the benefits include: Find [...]

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How does the DSGT differ from the usual full-body medical examinations or clinical laboratory tests?

In the usual medical examinations, the physician looks out for signs that one has already contracted certain diseases.  By the time the symptoms are identified and a diagnosis is made, the patient has already got the disease, and only corrective measures can be taken to treat the condition, if it is treatable. However, in the [...]

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I am afraid of finding out what medical problems I am likely to have. Why should I want to know what diseases I am at risk for?

Finding out about the conditions you are at risk for helps you to be able to take the necessary preventive measures in a bid to prevent the eventual onset of the disease.  It is understandable that anyone will feel fear and anxiety upon hearing what kinds of medical problems he/she is likely to develop, however facing [...]

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Does it really make a difference whether I know or do not know what kinds of medical problems I am likely to have, since I am likely to contract the disease anyway?

Firstly, please be informed that even if you test positive for a particular disease in this DSGT, you are not certainly going to develop the disease.  You simply have a higher probability than the average person of developing this condition as a result of your genetic conditions. Also, having the necessary information allows you to [...]

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What does it mean to test positive (be susceptible) to a particular disease? (influence of other factors)

In the event that you test positive for a particular disease, it implies that there are mutations or defects in your genes which make you more likely than the average person to develop that disease.  However, you should be aware that a positive genetic test result is only one factor in determining risk for a [...]

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