Knowing the inherent talents and personality traits that your child is likely to display allows for effective and efficient grooming for the child’s future.  Being able to now work on concrete information rather than guesswork or a fortune-teller’s advice allows the parents to channel efforts and resources towards developing aspects of the child where there are likely to be worthwhile returns.

Parents may also know which areas the child is unlikely to excel in, and therefore not insist on their child sticking with those directions in life if the child is not naturally-inclined to do so.  One common example of this is parents who force their children to attain a high academic credential or pursue a profession in medicine even though the children are not naturally-inclined or interested in such a path in life.  Often, the results in such cases are unpleasant and sometimes even tragic.

Knowing the child’s character traits also helps the parent cater future plans for the child according to his/her character.  People of different characters require different ways of disciplining and motivating for best effect.  Therefore gaining an insight into the likely personality attributes of the child is extremely valuable in trying to groom him/her.