1. The first reason would be that you cannot put a monetary value to time and health.  Most, if not all, people will be willing to give up a fortune in order to regain their health or to prolong their lives. This test aims to do exactly that—to guide you on how to live a healthier and longer life.

  2. Another more economical reason would be to think in terms of the potential savings in medical bills.  If as a result of doing this test you are able to prevent the onset of one of the diseases which you may have otherwise developed, you would have saved a significant amount on what should have been bills for hospitalization, medicine, specialist consultation, treatment, tests etc.

  3. Other service providers charge USD$1000 for their gene testing that covers just one disease.  Map My Gene offers 100 most prevalent diseases of today including breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and many more in its Disease Susceptibility Gene Test.  The report also includes a Personalized Health Management Guide to help one mitigate certain risk through early intervention and targeted prevention strategies.