There are a couple of reasons why this test will be a worthy investment.

  1. The first would be that you may spare yourself and your child some unnecessary emotional anguish.  You will have a guide on which areas your child is more likely to excel in and which are the ones that a lot more effort has to be expended in order to achieve results.  Exasperation, frustration and a battered self-esteem from perpetual lack of success may then be avoided.  Channeling efforts towards areas where the child has a higher probability of success is not only efficient, but may also greatly boost the confidence and emotional well-being of the child.

  2. There is also cost efficiency involved.  The resources and effort invested in your child’s development will be more likely to provide returns if you know which aspects to invest in.  Futile investments in the form of time and learning fees may be avoided with a clear direction of which choices to make.

  3. To give you an idea, a gene testing for just a singular trait costs USD$350 – $500 offered by other service providers.  Map My Gene offers 46 Talents and Traits along with a Career Profiling and a Post-test Consultation in its Inborn Talent Gene Test, and the full test and service costs only USD$2000.