To test positive for a particular talent implies that the child is likely to excel in that particular area.  For example, if a child tests positive for the “musical” talent, it means that he/she is genetically inclined to perform better than the average person in music.  It can also be interpreted as that the child may be able to learn much faster than the average child, and therefore requires less effort to reach the same level of proficiency as the average kid in this particular field.

Parents could then try to expose the child to music at a young age to provide the right environment that can switch on the gene.  Parents could also try to expose the child to different musical instruments and find out which instrument the child is more interested in, and enrol the child in formal trainings on how to play the instrument.

If a child tests positive for a particular personality trait, then it implies that he/she is likely to display behaviours consistent with the particular trait.  However parents should also bear in mind that environmental factors can also have an effect on a child’s personality as well.  However, what may be interpreted is that all things being equal, the child is more likely than the general population to behave in a way that is consistent with the trait.