It allows clients to find out which diseases they are genetically inclined to develop, before the actual onset of the disease.  This will allow for early prevention by allowing the client to make the necessary alterations to lifestyle, thereby controlling the other factors which usually account for the condition.

In summary, the benefits include:

  • Find out which diseases you are at risk for, and take precautions against them before they are given a chance to strike.

  • Find out if you have inherited certain health problems from family members.

  • Comprehensive coverage—reports on your individual risk profile that involves 100 most prevalent diseases of today.

  • Personalised Health Management guide book included in the test to advice you on how to take the necessary precautions against the at-risk diseases based on your results.

  • Unlike a full-body check-up which only allows you to find out about the disease and seek treatment after you have contracted it, this Test allows you to know beforehand which diseases you are more susceptible to, and take the necessary measures to keep the disease at bay.

  • Genetic testing produces one of the most accurate results, going at the deepest level of the human body make-up.

  • Learn to keep your body healthy and save potentially millions in medical bills!

  • Simple procedure which can be performed in minutes, without needles, invasive procedures or blood involved. Best of all, it is painless.