Your test result allows you to embark on preventive medicine.  Look up the information on each of the diseases you are susceptible to in the test report, and then note the potential causes of the diseases as well as early intervention strategies.

Subsequently, you may take active steps to avoid other factors that could cause the disease, and also take the necessary preventive measures.  You may consult with your family doctor on which measures will be most suitable for you, given your existing health and medical conditions.

Please note that your test results do not constitute a medical diagnosis, nor should they be considered a medical advice.  Preventive measures provided in the test report are suggested by our in house dietitians to help you avoid environmental triggers for the diseases you are risk for.

Last but not least, knowing your genetic risk for diseases not only allows you to devise a targeted approach to prevent them, but it also helps you look out for specific symptoms and to know which medical examinations to regularly undergo.  This may aid in early detection in the event a particular disease eventually develops, and often, early detection may save lives.