The test results allow you to better plan your child’s development and grooming. Instead of relying on guesswork and a generous dose of luck, you now have a basis for the decisions and choices you make on your child’s behalf.

You may take note of the discovered talents of your child, and design his/her development according to that aspect.  For example if a child is more athletically-gifted, more emphasis may be placed on his/her sports development.  Parents may wish to encourage the child to play sports on a regular basis, and also arrange for training in schools competitive teams or some other classes conducted for budding sports people.

Also, you may wish to look out for the personality traits of your child, and note if they will likely aid or hinder the talent development of the child.  With this insight, parents may more effectively plan a development programme that either capitalises on the complementary traits, or plan the talent development around potential pitfalls.