Finding out about the conditions you are at risk for helps you to be able to take the necessary preventive measures in a bid to prevent the eventual onset of the disease.  It is understandable that anyone will feel fear and anxiety upon hearing what kinds of medical problems he/she is likely to develop, however facing the fact and taking positive preventive steps may be the key to prolonging your life.

Refusing to find out about one’s risks does not mean that the risk will disappear.  It is akin to how some people close their eyes when faced with danger.  Closing one’s eyes is only ignoring the danger, but it does not mean that the source of danger will go away. In fact, it is by opening the eyes and looking carefully at the source of danger that we can better formulate a plan to remove it, or at least plan an escape route from the source of danger.

In the same way, after finding out about the risks you have, you can better formulate a plan to take care of your health to prevent the onset of these diseases.