We employ a painless and non-invasive procedure which does not involve blood when collecting DNA samples from our clients.  This simple procedure which takes only a couple of minutes is performed as follows:

Step 1: Use a DNA swab

Step 2: Place the swab against the interior wall of your cheek and gently scrape, moving the swab in an up-down movement. Repeat this motion for 20 times on both sides of your cheek.  Avoid pressing the plunger that ejects the brush head/tip during your scraping.

Step 3: After taking the sample, eject the brush head/tip by pressing the plunger at the end of the handle into a kit tube (push hard to eject but don’t bend the plunger).

Step 4: Cap the tube tightly.  Put the tube and consent form into the stamped envelope provided.

Step 5: Mail the envelope to our sample collection address.

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